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"4 Great Bucks for the Family"
Photo provided by: Stan Alpaugh

Stan Alpaugh is a strong believer that families that hunt together, stay together. He and his family had great success.

Stan writes, "Well, we had a great year. My girls both harvested their biggest bucks so far. Now I have been told they want better bucks next year. Boy do I have my work cut out for me! My wife got her first mule deer with a bow. Made a good shot but we questioned the angle especially after he started walking up hill. So we backed out and came back early the next morning. It was a rough tracking job, but we found him. Unfortunately the coyotes found him first! So we did what we thought was the most ethical thing and punched her tag. Never been so relieved and frustrated at the same time. I was also able to harvest my best buck to date at 61 yards, with a heavy horned 4x4 with kickers. He scores 183-4/8 with exactly 40 inches of mass. It was an awesome year and we all made memories that will last a life time and the best part we all had fun. Harvesting 4 good bucks that was a bonus!"

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