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"Amazing Elk Hunting Memories Made"
Photo provided by: Jordan Kauer

Jordan Kauer, aka spdrman, shared in our forum the following about his archery elk hunt............

"Hard to find the words to describe how awesome this hunt was. I love to hunt but there's nothing I love more than my wife and kids. Breaks my heart every time I leave to go hunting and my boys are all teary eyed because they want to go. Didn't have much time to hunt this week so figured it would be a good time to take Hunter with me. Thought it was going to more or less be a camping trip wearing camo. My buddies Jake and Chance set up an antelope blind that had both antelope and elk and was nice enough to let me take my son to sit in it, while sitting every moo cow that came to drink noticed my boy moving in the blind. Thought there was no way an elk or goat would come in and if it did would bust way before I could get a shot with my 4 yr old moving around. Had about 10 min of shooting light left and Hunter was done so I started packing stuff up put my arrow in the quiver, putting extra clothes and toys in my pack and went to grab my camera and decided to look one last time and that's when I seen this guy and 3 other bulls coming in fast. Turned the camera on and started recording, got Hunter standing up so he could at least see the elk even if they spooked before I got a shot and got a arrow knocked right as this guy got in front of the blind. The excitement and smile from my boy when I shot this bull was one of the best moments of my life. I can't even begin to count how many times he said "this is super awesome!" Or "best day ever!" I think the only day that will top last night is when I get to watch him take his first big game animal. Nothing I've done hunting up to this point has came close to the joys and excitement of last night. Listening to him tell the story is awesome."

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