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"Opening Day Beast Bull for Vince"
Photo provided by: Vince James

Vince James, aka Frijoles, shared in our forum the following.........

"Here is the bull I got this year in unit 61. I got him the first morning of the hunt. My brother, Greg ( Gadget on M.M. ), spotted this bull Friday evening with 3 other bulls and got a few pictures through the spotting scope and showed them to me at camp that night. There was one other bull that was nearly as big as this one, but didn't have the fifth's like this one. I had a hard time sleeping that night. Saturday morning finally came and we were out there early waiting for daylight. When daylight came I spotted 2 bulls at first. Then a third bull. Not the one I was looking for. Then I looked a little closer to us and there he was. After getting set up and ready to shoot, Greg ranged him at 480 yards. I set my turret on my vortex viper scope on top of my savage weather warrior 300 win mag shooting federal premium 180 grain trophy bonded tip bullets. I asked Greg, Mark and Zach if they were on him and they all whispered just squeeze the trigger. After the shot and hearing that unmistakable sound they all said he is down. He slowly got back up and I put him back down for good. I'd like to thank my brother, Greg, and good friend, Mark, and his son, Zach, for all their help with this hunt and packing him out. After waiting 9 years for this tag, I couldn't be happier with this bull."

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