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"Great Time Hunting Stone Sheep"
Photo provided by: Trevor King

Trevor King, aka t_boneking, shared in our forum the following about his dad's stone sheep hunt...........

"My dad was one of the lucky winners at the Full Curl Society banquet earlier this year. He won the the Stone Sheep Hunt with Kinaskan Lake Outfitters. Here is a short write up about his once in a life time hunt.
He arrived at base camp Monday August 17th. That night they saw a few ewes and a half curl ram. The next day they rode horses in to a remote basin and then began a six hour hike to the top of the canyon. As they crested the ridge they saw 18 rams in the next basin. After working within 330 yards my dad and another hunter set up for the shot. On the count of three they both fired. Despite the near seventy mile per hour winds they both made great shots and connected on fine rams. They then had to spend the next few days getting the sheep off the mountain. It was hunt that my dad will never forget, and truly a once in a lifetime adventure. For those interested, his sheep was 38.5 inches long on both horns, it had 14 inch bases and was 12 years old."

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