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"Big Bull with a Bow for Dallin"
Photo provided by: Dallin Heiner

Dallin Heiner, aka hunthigher, shared in our forum the following about his first archery harvest..............

"Hunted this area for 5 years. Some close calls but I finally got it done this Sunday! I taught my Sunday School lesson at church then bolted home to change and drove to the mountain. Sat on an active wallow and right at dark this guy came out with his friend and clanked antlers for 20 min at 100 yards. I debated running up to them and shooting one, but they were too alert. He came walking right to the wallow and a 35 yard shot through the heart and it was over. Well the hunting wasn't over. All night butchering and 3 miles and 4 round trips to the 4 wheeler. I found the muzzy 100 broken off and lodged in opposite shoulder while boning him out. Check out the 18 inch seconds."

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