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"San Juan Bear for Mike"
Photo provided by: Mike Pope regular, Mike Pope aka Smokepole, had himself a fine bear hunt on the San Juan unit in southern Utah. He shared in our forum the following..............

"I was finally able to connect on a good bear on the San Juan. Went there three different times and met up with Kurt McFarlane, Mason and Randy Pixler and their dogs. It was tough finding bears this fall. We ran one the first day until it started to rain hard. After that between the rain and heat we just could not get on any good ones. Then last Saturday Randy was able to see a track crossing the road. Even the dogs didn't hit on it. We knew it was made since midnight when the rain had let up again. We let the dogs out and after a few minutes they were on him. After a good hour of chasing they had him treed. We dropped down into the canyon and after navigating some ledges we were almost to the tree when the bear had had enough and he came down out of the tree and took off. The dogs were right behind him and up the canyon they went.

We hiked out of the canyon and back to the truck and drove to get as close as we could to again hike in to the treed bear. This time it was up the mountain. The bear this time was way high in the big pine, Randy and Kurt gathered up the dogs and let me know it was finally time to shoot. It took a couple more shots than I expected to bring the big boar out of the tree but, Kurt informed me that he was not going to climb it to get the bear out if it got hung up.

Thanks to Kurt, Mason and Randy for all your hard work and time you put in to help me get this great bear!!"

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