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"Awesome Utah Split-Beamed Buck"
Photo provided by: Ray Larsen

What a cool split-beamed muley. Ray Larsen, aka ABOVETIMBERLINE in the forums, shared the following in our forum..............

"Just got back from a great week of Utah archery hunting with my dad. With the hot dry conditions I wasn't expecting very much action, but ended up having one of the best weeks of hunting in my life. I was able to get a coyote that came into my cow calls on Friday. On Sunday, I called a curious spike bull into 30 yards and made a great shot on him, it was so hot that I didn't take any field pictures of him due to hurrying to get meat cooled down. Tuesday afternoon a storm was moving in and it was windy, but the animals were up and moving early in the evening. I was still hunting and spotted this buck feeding. I was only able to get a good look at his back forks which looked good. I stalked to 49 yards and ran out of cover. Being a first year dedicated hunter, I wanted a good look at him before making any decisions. I got an arrow ready and waited for him to lift his head. When he did there was no question in my mind (didn't even lift my binos). I made a good quartering away shot and he was hit hard. To my amazement he only went a few yards and stopped to look at the arrow stuck in the ground that had just went through him. I took the opportunity for a second shot and hit him good again. I watched him go down within 20 or so yards. I backed out and went and got my dad. We walked up on him together, no ground shrinkage here. He was better than I thought. With a great typical four point left side and a completely unique right side, I couldn't be more happy with my 2015 Utah buck."

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