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"Logan's Exciting Bull Elk Hunt Adventure"
Photo provided by: Logan Sheets

Logan Sheets, aka Ltsheets, is sharing his cool 2015 hunting adventures in our Hunt Adventure Challenge forum. I encourage you all to check it out. Here's what he shared about this big bull.............

"After 3.5 days of hard hunting and not being able to get close to any of the bulls I chased, I was finally able to make it happen! I chased this guy over a mile for more than 1.5 hrs before getting close enough that I felt I could call him successfully. I cow called and when he responded, I hit him with the best challenge bugle I could muster ... haha. He flipped a 180 and let out a bugle that made the hair on my neck stand up! I had about 2 minutes to find a good cedar bush to get in, nock an arrow, and range one tree before he popped up in front of me at about 70 yds coming straight in. I had one tree trunk that he needed to go behind to offer me a chance to draw, and that's just what he did. I drew as quick as possible and when he cleared, I cow called to stop him. He stopped at what I thought was about 30 yds (turned out to be 27), quartering to me, and I shot, trying to tuck the arrow just behind his shoulder. I watched as it buried to the fletchings exactly where I was aiming. He spun to run and I cow called which made him run a semi circle. He stopped about 60 yds away to look back, wobbled and fell! I could not believe how it had happened and I couldn't be happier!
I also want to thank everyone on here ( Forums) that offered up advice that helped me to be successful in killing my first elk ever!"

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