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"Wyoming Pronghorn Success"
Photo provided by: mta5672 forum member, mta5672, shared the following about his successful Wyoming antelope hunt.........

"I was lucky enough to draw 3 great tags for my home state of Wyoming. This was the first of the three, I really hope the remaining 2 hunts are as much fun as this one. This buck was actually one of two bucks we found that we thought would go over 80. The other buck was wider and longer, this one is just a cool buck in my opinion. We dogged him for the better part of two days and he finally made a huge mistake! He left his does for some reason and came, on a trot, from over 400 yards to 75 yards where he was introduced to the 6.5-284. We put a tape on him at the taxidermist and came up with 80 7/8. Probably wont go in the book after the wait but I am pretty happy with him."

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