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"Good Luck ... Good Day Hiking"
Photo provided by: Pete Gill

Pete Gill, aka NVPete here at, shared in our Shed Forum the following..........

"A matched set 7x7 elk! No rhyme, reason, or plan to my "hunts". Today, I decided to go to an area where I'd seen elk, or heard of elk sighted crossing the road. Very thick trees, not much fresh sign, but a bunch of tattered trees that were signs there had been bulls during the rut. After several hours hiking, I stumbled upon a left side shed. As the thickets were very thick, I thought a search would be nigh impossible, so I just continued on. As I circled and decided to head back to my truck, I paused on a rocky outcrop, looked around a shrub, and was AMAZED to find the very MATCH to the antler I'd found! UNBELIEVABLE LUCK...still find it hard to believe it played out the way it did!"

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