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"Dan's High Country Utah Trophy Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: Dan Jordan

Dan Jordan, aka ElkManDan here in the talk forums, shared with us all the following..........

"Well I am an Elk hunter by nature but I've really been wanting a nice early season velvet muley, so the last couple years I decided to take the first week and chase muleys instead of going after elk while they aren't very responsive.

Well I headed up early yesterday to a spot that I've found that is pretty dang remote and I have been able to find some decent bucks the last couple years. After checking a trailcamera that I had a treestand up over and only seeing one 4 point that just wasn't big enough to make it worth the packout (4 miles and 3500 ft elevation change). I decided to head up to a nearby peak that I hadn't summited before glassing an area that I knew always held several bucks. I was way up in the rocks and a few pines and jumped a nice buck. He stood there at 40ish yards for over a minute broadside. I snapped some pics and video and after review, I decided that I would be looking for him in the morning (opening day). He trotted off but wasn't too spooked so I hoped he stayed in the area. I crossed the canyon and started glassing, after about an hour I spotted him in the trees about 100 yards from where I jumped him. He fed for about an hour and then went over the ridge.

In the morning I worked my way to the saddle I watched him go over and started slowly working towards the chutes that I thought he might be in. Well in the last chute I had a fawn go bounding away and there above me was this buck. He hesitated long enough to give me a chance to range him and send an arrow on the way. An hour after my deer season began and it was over. I couldn't be more pleased with this buck.... Other than the pack out. Pictures were taken and he was broken down and I headed on my way with the first load. about 6 hours, 6 miles, and 4600 elevation drop later I was at the truck. My buddy packed the other load back to base camp so I'm headed back early in the morning to get the rest... It should only be about an 8 hour round trip."

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