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"348-inch Caldera Muzzy Bull for Peyton"
Photo provided by: Weso Duro

Big bull from the Caldera unit in New Mexico. Weso Duro (aka passthrough) shared the following in our forum.......

"Caldera Muzzy Bull - Big congrats to my little buddy, Peyton, on his first bull elk! He drew the Caldera Muzzy hunt this year, a pretty special hunt for a 16 year old. After a long summer of scouting and anticipation, it was finally here. Saturday morning we easily saw 200 elk, 12 bulls over 340, big bull fever got the best of him as he just missed a 360 bull. After the miss a 370 bull came by but just out of range, soon after we were on the chase again as we had a 360-365 6x7 come up our ridge, dogged him all the way in to 80 yards but no shot, too many branches covering his vitals. The evening hunt was a little slow, we passed on several 300-320 type bulls. Sunday morning we had his bull come into 218 yards and with a well placed shot the bull was his.

Heck of a first bull! 348 will be tough to beat. Congrats again to Peyton and Barry! And thank god I don't have to ride that stinkin bike anymore!!!"

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