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"Fantastic Father/Son Colorado 'Lope Hunt"
Photo provided by: Kyle McCarthy

Kyle McCarthy writes, "Well after 11 years of trying, I finally drew a pronghorn tag in South Park Colorado. After several weeks of scouting, I was very disappointed in the bucks we had seen. Opening day came and it was foggy and no decent bucks. Picked up my son, Rhett, and we found this beast of a buck the second day, but he was held up on private property. The next day I decided if we find him again and if he was on huntable land, I was going to take a shot. Rhett spotted the buck about 2000 yards away and on land we had access to, so game on. After a perfect stalk, we were able to get within 127 yards and put the hammer down and dropped him in his tracks. It was a great hunt and I was so happy to have been able to spend with my boy. The buck is 14 inches tall and has tons of mass and 6 inch cutters. He green scored 86-4/8 B&C."

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