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"Long Range Shot Connects on Big Buck"
Photo provided by: Cassidy Taylor

Cassidy Taylor writes, "I caught this buck switching his bedding area about 3 in the afternoon. I have been into long range shooting for 5 years and I love the sport! I waited him out and thankfully he only made me wait for 45 min before he stood up and started to feed. I prepared for the shot that was 975 yards from the first time I seen him. I ranged him one last time and also corrected for the wind. The rest is history! One shot from my custom 300 Rum and down he went. I was in awe as I knew when I touched the igniter switch on the 300 Rum I heard the bullet connect. I set my rifle aside and looked through my spotting scope. Sure enough he was on his way out. He tapes out @ 190" and he is my biggest buck to date."

Cassidy also shared with us the photo of his dad and the big buck he took this year. Good times...........

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