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"390-inch Monster Archery Idaho Bull for Mike"
Photo provided by: Ryan Jamison

Ryan Jamison writes, "Well, I went on my 2016 archery elk hunt this year with my cousin, Mike Loomis. We had tags in southern Idaho. The elk were all rutting and I was able to get close a few times, but I was unable to seal the deal. My cousin on the other hand was able to harvest a monster 7x7 bull. Mike was following a large herd of elk through the quakies as they walked out onto a sagebrush flat. He was able to look over a small rock outcropping to see a big herd bull with several of his cows and a few other large bulls. The big bull was at 20 yards broadside looking away at his cows. Mike drew back and made a clean shot through the heart and watched as streams of blood came out both sides of the bull. The bull jumped and ran off about 20 yards and began to look like it was going to fall down. At that moment, a massive 6x6 bull that had been fighting the 7x7 earlier saw that he was getting weak, so he took the opportunity to ram into the side of the bleeding bull and slammed him into the ground. The big 7x7 never got back up, and the 6x6 ran off with all the cows, thinking he was the new champion of the world ... LOL. Congratulations to my cousin, Mike Loomis, on a well-earned bull and a story he will never forget. I, on the other hand will have to eat my tag this year.

Unofficially, the green score on this Idaho bull is 390."

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