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"Bronson's Sportsman's Tag Trophy 'Lope"
Photo provided by: hunter forum member, hunter, shared these photos of the Utah sportsman's tag antelope buck that Bronson Grace took this year. Here's what he wrote...........

"2016 Sportsman's Antelope Buck - I just wanted to say thanks to the guys that offered their help or information on this hunt. I really appreciate it! We decided to do this on our own without a guide.
After scouting a bunch and covering over 3000 miles, I was only able to locate one really big buck. I was able to find him on a couple of different scouting trips. My 14 year old son, Bronson Grace was able to take him on September 5th on the Book Cliffs unit. It was anything but easy. 15 miles on foot stalking him on 5 different stalks. Several missed shots due to BUCK FEVER. Waiting him out for 65 minutes to stand up, but Bronson finally got it done. He is 17" tall and 88"."

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