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"Good Muley Hunt on the Vernon LE Unit"
Photo provided by: Donald Burris

Donald Burris (aka huntFX4) shared in the forum the following...........

"Vernon Success - Finally got the job done last night just at sunset. The bucks have been in prerut activity all week there on the Vernon. I camped out there most of the week and wasn't seeing what I wanted. Killed my antlerless elk control permit right after sundown on opening morning after watching several bucks chasing does or squaring with each other. My friend 'ridgetops' offered to come out and help me out on my last day to hunt. I also brought my youngest son. We found plenty of bucks but the majority were 3 points. We had one big tall buck bedded in the sage up high but couldn't tell how good he was from the glassing point so my son and I snuck in closer and saw it was a big 3 point, really tall and heavy. So we let him go. My son wanted me to kill it because he had yet to go deer hunting with me. We talked about waiting for a bigger buck but as the day went by it seemed he would not get to see me kill one this year. He would get more and more worried each time I passed up a 3 point. Then we ran into a couple of guys who told us of a place they had seen a big 4x5 in the morning so we headed that way. We got there just before sunset to see this buck with some does. He was on the ground just a few minutes later. Sorry the pics aren't great. Got him out of the tall sage but didn't realize the small stuff was in his face as we needed to get pics before it was too dark. The pictures don't do it justice. I was very proud of my son keeping up with me up and down those mountains. He can't wait until next year when he can hunt deer too. This buck is 25" inside and heavy mass. Loved this hunt with friends and especially my son."

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