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"Good Times for Father, Daughter & Friends"
Photo provided by: Deerdon forum member, Deerdon, shared in our forum the following........

"My daughters X zone hunt, 3 new friends and GREAT memories! - This all started when I was contacted by a fellow hunter. He was looking for some info on a zone I was familiar with and, after several e-mails and phone conversations, I could tell he was a "like minded hunter." Because of this, I felt comfortable sharing a little more detailed info with him. I also became aware that his group was sitting on quite a few points. daughter is scheduled to start nursing school in January and this would have been her last chance to hunt (this time of year) for a couple years. We had one problem and that was the fact that she was one point short of a guaranteed tag for our favorite zone. Long story short, the other party members agreed to let her join their party application which would guarantee her a tag! We did in fact all draw the tag and also ended up camping and hunting together as well.
For the first several days, we passed on many good bucks. However, when this guy tried to sneak around us, my daughter noticed he had a "neat" tripod on one side. One shot at 80 yards and down he went. The other 3 hunters in camp also did well with very respectable bucks of their own.
In the end, she ended up with and dandy 5x4 buck, more great memories and 3 new friends for life! I can't thank them enough for letting her go in with them! Without their trust and generosity none of this could have happened!

When your daughter shares your hunting/outdoors passion....PRICELESS!!"

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