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"Heavy, 196-inch Muley with Extras"
Photo provided by: Blake Owens

Blake Owens (aka bonecollector777) shared the following in the forum here at

"196-inch Redemption Buck - Opening morning my brother missed this buck at 350 yards. We filmed it and confirmed the miss just low. We would later figure out my fancy $1000 scope had a turret that was turned 6 clicks the wrong direction. It was my fault completely and felt terrible for making him miss. My friend and I were convinced the buck was 185 while my brother was convinced he was barely over 170.
After going home and watching the footage on the big screen we finally agreed he was well over 180 which was his goal. We decided it was that buck or nothing and kept hunting him. On the third day of the hunt we found a deer that dreams are made of and he scored well over 200 inches. It caused us to come up with a new game plan as this deer was something you just don't see every day in this unit. We hunted him five straight days in country very hard to glass and find them. We had one opportunity where he should have died but didn't work out. Other than that he was pretty much like a ghost. Wednesday I had to go back to work and wouldn't be able to help til Saturday. Last night I got a text letting me know he had seen the biggest buck and was going back today to find him.
As luck would have it he walked right up on the original buck he missed opening day and had a 100 yard shot he couldn't pass up. One shot later the buck was down. Being stuck at work was killing me but my brother and dad finally got him here so I could check him out. He was bigger than we thought! His main frame 4 points was 170 inches. Main beam on the left was 25 inches. 26 inch inside spread, 40 inches of mass and 26 inches of extras.
All in all it was the most satisfying hunt I've been a part of even if I wasn't there for the kill. We would have liked to continue chasing the bigger guy but with only three days left I think it was a good decision to take this buck. End overall score was 196 inches. His ears are torn to pieces from fighting and is a very old buck."

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