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"First Hunt, First Bull = Good Times"
Photo provided by: Chip Courtney

Chip Courtney (aka chipcp) recently shared in the forum..........

"Pround of my daughter. First hunt, First bull - Just returned from the best Wyoming elk hunt ever. My daughter had dreamed of elk hunting since she and I sat in the whitetail blind when she was a kid. Every year she patiently applied for her preference points until it was time to apply for the tag. She got the good news and the planning began. We got out there 2 days early to scout and we were ready to go. Up the mountain in the dark and down the mountain in the dark. She killed her bull the 3rd evening. By then my GPS showed about 37 miles and 10,000 feet of elevation gain (total in 3 days)on foot. She passed up a 400 yard shot at a bull that made my knees weak. She said "Dad, I'm just not comfortable taking that shot and if I wound him it'll ruin my trip". A short time later we found the herd again and she crawled on her hands and knees up the side of the canyon and they were right there. The nice 5 point was clear of the cows and broadside at 125 yards. She shot him perfectly behind the shoulder and the celebration began. I've been blessed with the opportunity to have had many great hunts, but I can't say I've ever been happier or prouder. You dads out there know exactly what I mean. Several of you were kind enough to offer advice and suggestions in our planning process so I wanted to share the results and thank you. I think the smiles on our faces tell you how we felt."

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