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"Father/Son Antelope Archery Hunt Fun"
Photo provided by: Tikka regular, aka Tikka, shared this Utah archery antelope success..........

"What an awesome hunt with my oldest son (billcollector) on here... We experienced a little of everything this past week from extreme highs to extreme lows... The hunt started off with all the antelope concentrated around water troughs, then the monsoon rains came with flash floods and scattered them far and wide... Lots of spot and stalk took place with shots ranging from 25yds to 65yds with every miss became one less broadhead/arrow in the quiver... (lots of lava rock died as a result of this hunt)...

A trip into Richfield (Jorgenson's) for more T3G5's was in order to keep him going... Before this hunt he was batting 1000 3 for 3 on archery animals. I think he thought archery was easy, boy did he get an eye opener on this hunt lol...

Thursday night he was down to two arrows left when we found a buck that would give us a great opportunity so we went after him... At 65yds we were out of options to get closer, with quartering towards us I ranged him one last time still 65yds... He let the arrow fly entering high lungs and exiting just in front of the opposite hind quarter... The buck took off running for about 40yds, stopped started wobbling and tipped over... I started hollering and l looked over at my boy and tears were streaming down his face... Lots of emotions were experienced on this hunt and I believe he learned a lot of life lessons during the week... One hunt I'll never forget...

Sorry for rambling on just one proud Dad.... Hope you enjoy..."

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