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"Young Gals First Antelope"
Photo provided by: Edwin Eudy

Edwin Eudy (aka 575) shared in the forum............

"First Antelope! - After watching this antelope for a month, we got on this antelope and had to crawl on hands and knees for about 200 yards in order to get about 250 yards from them. She shot and hit low. Tried shooting three more times as they ran and stopped but missed. We were able to get on him again and crawled about 150 yards and ended up about 250 yards away from him and some does. Luckily my wife had decided to drive down the road they were by and take their attention off us. She sat up on the tri-pod and shot low again. They ran about 10 or fifteen yards and stopped. The whole time they were looking at the truck trying to figure out what was going on. After about 15 minutes the does started coming towards us with him following. He came in to about 50 yards facing us trying to figure out what we were and she made an awesome shot in the center of the chest. It was so awesome to watch the excitement as she and I jumped up and down. Then she made Dad cry! As we were standing there she looked at me and said that was the best feeling she ever had and she would hunt with me forever! I think I got more joy out of watching her harvest this animal, than I got from any animal I have ever taken."

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