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"Late-Season Utah Trophy Bull"
Photo provided by: monstermuleyhunter forum member, monstermuleyhunter, shared these photos and story in the forum...........

"Late Utah Elk Bull - It all started when a month ago my phone rang saying someone turned their late tag in and I was next in line! I was happy but nervous. I hadn't spent a single minute on the unit this year because I didn't think I had tag. I was able to go down a couple days early but wasn't able to spot any shooters. On opening morning I had hiked into a spot that I knew held bulls every other year. It had just started to break when I spotted a group of 7 bulls going to their beds. I was able to see that they were all big mature bulls, but one in particular caught my eye because of his awesome swords and width. I decided I was going to hunt this bull for the next few days. I seen him the next morning in the same spot, but too dark to shoot. I didn't turn him up again until Monday night. I seen him out feeding just a couple hundred yards from where he had been and knew he'd be there the next morning. We hiked in well before it cracked and was in perfect position for him to show himself right at light. My brother spotted a bull over where we had put this guy to bed, but we weren't sure if it was him or not...a couple minutes passed and we spotted another bull with him. It only took a couple more minutes before I was able to confirm it was him. With one brother filming and another brother ranging, I pulled the trigger. He was 1050 yards. The first shot pinhold the elk and wasn't fatal....second shot was a clean miss. The next 3 shots were all solid boiler room hits. The elk didn't move much, he died very quickly. I was able to hike out and speed back to camp to catch my wife and kids so they could come in with me to get him. He shrunk a little on the ground, but is a great bull nonetheless. He's gorgeous and will look even better in my home! I had a great experience and had most of the people I care about most by my side. I have a great family. I have 4 boys that all share the same passion for the outdoors that I do and I sure am one grateful dad! I encourage all of you to hold your family close and share these times with them. I'm really hoping that I get a chance to hunt some more. This is the only non general tag I've ever had, I was diagnosed with Leukemia 9 long months ago and it has changed my life in more ways than one! We've put a lot of time and money into shooting long range and it has become a true passion! I need to thank my wife Angela, she is the most selfless person I know and puts up with my crazy hunting schedule year after year. She is the love of my life and couldn't do this thing called life without her!"

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