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"Jake's General Season Utah Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: Jake Huber regular, Jake Huber (aka JakeH), took himself a real nice Utah general season archery buck. He shared his story in our forum............

"Figured I would share my buck I got the other day, not a monster but a good buck.
I found this buck while going to check a trail camera I had set up by my parents house, when I got there this buck was out in the sorghum field (like corn but not as tall) I let him and his buddies bed back down and went in to check the camera.
About this time a large storm front started moving in with a lot of wind.
After checking the camera I decided to move into the field and see if I could get close to the bucks and possibly get a shot as the wind was blowing very hard and would mask any sound I made in the sorghum.
With my brother keeping an eye out for me from the truck I started in and jumped a doe in the taller stuff.
She got the rest of them up and they moved out into the shallower plants I was then able to close the distance down to 55 yards as the deer were now more preoccupied with watching my brother at the truck.
The buck was 55 yards quartering away, I cut an arrow loose and the buck dropped in his tracks as my arrow crushed 3 vertebrae in his back.
About that time a massive storm moved in dumping a ton of rain and hail on us.
I was able to get this picture after the storm moved off, I wasn't even wearing any camo as I was only planning on checking the camera, but it all worked out. haha"

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