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"Sweet Trophy Antelope Buck for Mike"
Photo provided by: Don Martin

Long time forum member, Don Martin (aka DonMartin), shared in our forum the following story of Mike Barats Arizona 'lope..............

"Opening day antelope success in Arizona, Unit 10! - Thought I would share a couple of photos/story of the antelope buck that my hunter, Mike Barats, took on opening morning in Unit 10 at 0630 a.m.

Been watching this buck for almost a month and couldn't believe that no one else was looking at him!

Quite the story; Mr. Big as I called him, was almost killed on Thursday night when he and another buck got locked up, then the other buck got Mr. Big's neck wedged between his horns and almost killed him. Mr. Big was actually on his back for 15 minutes and I thought for sure he was dead. But he got loose after 30 minutes, and we bedded him and his 3 does down at dark.

At 0500 a.m. we were back in the field where we thought he was. At 0630, he hit the deck.

The damage to Mr. Big and his cape was terrible.

One shot at 325 yards with a 270 Weatherby Magnum shooting 140 grain Nosler Accubonds at 3145 fps did the trick. One and done..

So nice to have a hunter who could shoot. Made all that preseason work worth it.

Tall and heavy, we think he'll make the Big Book..."

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