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"Two Fine Bucks for Doug"
Photo provided by: Doug Dreher

Doug Dreher (aka Goindeep) shared in the forum the following...........

"D3-5 Bucks 2016 - say I got lucky would be an understatement. I put in a lot of time scouting but never saw either of these bucks until hunting season. Never even scouted where I got my archery buck, we just packed in the 5 miles to a spot we had hunted once before and it worked out. Found the rifle buck 2 weeks after getting my archery buck, hunted him 4 days during archery season. Got close to him once, but never spooked him. Found him in the same spot on the general opener. One of the coolest hunting experiences I've had. Watched him everyday all day that I hunted him waiting for the right opportunity. Got lots of pics and video. He was every bit as big as I thought he was. His right antler is just over 82 inches with a 17 1/2" G2. Gross scored 175."

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