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"Opening Day Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Dallin Heiner

Dallin Heiner (aka hunthigher) had himself a fine opening day of the elk hunt, as he arrowed this bull. He shared in the forum..........

"The wallow I usually hunt was not active I think because there was a wolf kill right next to it. So I sat the meadow right next to it. Right at last light two bulls came out and I shot the closer one at 45 yards. In the pitch black I could hear the other bull barking at his friend to get up. I cut and deboned for three hours and I swear I heard a wolf bark at me! The bull fell 50 yards away from last years bull!

The shot was a little back but it clipped the lung and destroyed the liver. He layed down about 10 seconds after the shot all within view. But then it got dark so I waited for 30 min and when I went to check I heard him cough. So I layed down and watched the stars for two hours and when I checked again he was done."

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