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"Massive 205-inch Archery Slug"
Photo provided by: Tyson Snyder

Here's a really cool story that Tyson Snyder (aka muleyslayer52) shared in the Mule Deer forum. Good stuff!

"Quest is finally over! - The quest for Optimus is over! I was able to harvest a buck that I have been after for 3 years.

Year 1: I harvested a 193” buck the first weekend of the archery season. I found Optimus in November during the rut. I helped a few buddies chase him with a bow for the remainder of the season.

Year 2: My goal was to find this buck during the summer and hunt him. I was able to find him and pattern him. Opening weekend I was heartbroken. I stalked up to him at 30 yards. He ducked my arrow and I hit him in the shoulder in “no mans land.” For the next few weeks I attempted to locate him with no luck. It wasn’t until the rut that I found him alive and well chasing does. I hunted him hard and often. Getting close a lot and sometimes not. On one occasion I was able to sneak up on him in his bed and get off a 50 yard shot and missed. To this day I don’t know where I shot or where the arrow went. I kept tabs on him after the season to hopefully find his sheds-no luck.

Year 3: This summer I was able to find Optimus in the same area as the previous year. He was in the same patterns and draw systems as the previous year. Come hunting season I was able to get within 35 yards from him and got an arrow in him. My shot placement was perfect except he was quartering towards me more than I thought. After a sleepless night I was able to find my buck

He exceeded my expectations. He has more mass than I can imagine. I thought he was going to gross score around 185-190. I underestimated him and he actually gross scored 205” with 50" of mass!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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