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"Predator's Idaho Smokepole Pronghorn Adventure"
Photo provided by: Lisa

Lisa (aka predator) shared her awesome Idaho muzzleloader antelope hunting story here at She shared............

"Idaho Muzzy Antelope - Idaho has once again gifted me an incredible adventure chasing pronghorn with a smokepole. We either play hide and seek with them or set up a blind and play hide and 'hope to get lucky'. You know, I swear antelope know exactly how to pass a blind juuuuust beyond range.

Well I found myself in a blind in a transition zone and caught glimpse of antelope coming out of the sage. They of course passed well beyond range, but it was ok because I really couldn't see a buck nor was their enough light to shoot. As the sun creeped over the horizon, I found myself staring at a very nice buck! His does were switched on and eventually spooked, taking him well out of the range of a bazooka.

I was determined to sit tight, I had my book, my camera and enough snacks to last all day. They were milling about out in the sage flat, and I was confident they would work back my way.

I was futzing with my chair when I looked up and saw that really nice buck running back my way. He was looking to my right and appeared to be heading for a challenger. I sat stunned as he kept coming closer and closer, finally meeting up with a doe at about 300 yards.

That doe started running from him and the race was on! Like fighters in a dogfight, they juked and weaved at top speed in a crazy dance only the rut brings on. Suddenly they were running right at the blind! I stumbled over the chair and knelt on one knee as they came closer and closer.

Do you know how fast those damn things are???!!! That buck started chasing the doe in circles using my blind as the center point. I was jumping from window to window trying to get a bead on that buck, but it was like trying to aim at diving cliff swallows. This went on for what felt like 30 minutes. I wore a circular track inside the blind as I kept trying to get one window ahead and kept hoping that buck would just slow down. 200 yards. 175. 90.

Finally I got ahead by one window of the blind and stuck that muzzle so far out that apparently the doe saw the sun glint off the barrel because she came to a skidding halt. Right behind her was that buck, who stood perfectly broadside and who never saw anything but a pretty doe as the bullet passed through both shoulders at 74 yards.

I haven't had the shakes like that for years, fellas. It was not only my shortest hunt ever, but also one of the most exciting!"

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