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"Perfect Antelope Hunting Adventure"
Photo provided by: northface

Forum member northface shared this hunt adventure in our forum........

"Utah SWD Pronghorn 2016 - It took me 6 years to draw this tag and I'm completely satisfied with the outcome. I think two main factors go into that, 1. Great habitat and space for plenty of antelope 2. I put in a lot of effort scouting, researching and enjoying learning the unit. My personal method of hunting is to pursue the oldest, most mature animal I'm able to find and I can honestly say I did that on this hunt. I found over 80 different bucks during my scouting trips and wanted to pursue one that had the biggest prongs, best mass and was the most mature which also makes them the most challenging to hunt. Persistence paid off on opening morning after passing many opportunities at younger bucks I found the "big prongs" buck in the same drainage with his does that I found him in during my scouting trips. There was a lot of effort put in on the stalk which I would have it no other way. I was able to make a very ethical and lethal shot and the animal expired quickly. It will make great table fare. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to have a chance at the animal I harvested and have a unit where with a lot of work, I was able to find a very mature buck with a lot of character. Score is a small matter to me but in regards to management and conservation I think it's important to note this buck will most likely make the Boone and Crockett minimum of 80 inches. 3rd mass measurement is 4 4/8!! Which I think is incredibly good for this unit in Utah."

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