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"Young Cody Takes a Huge Pronghorn Trophy"
Photo provided by: JT Price

JT Price writes, "My family and I were lucky enough to draw a party permit for a premium Wyoming antelope limited draw area. We scouted prior to the hunt and found a great buck that became the focus of the hunt, we spotted two or three others that looked to be 80" class bucks, but the big one was head and shoulders above the rest. We caught the big guy with a bunch of others coming into the waterhole during some preseason scouting with trail cams as well as some phone scoping. As luck would have it, he came in to my son Cody's waterhole the second day he hunted and he made the shot with me sitting beside him in the blind. It is my son's first antelope and first big game animal, he had just turned 12. He got it with archery equipment which makes it that much more impressive. I was one proud dad to say the least. I was able to connect on the next biggest buck the following week with my bow."

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