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"198-inch Wyoming Stick-n-String Buck"
Photo provided by: Tory Bodily

Tory Bodily writes, "I shot this big guy the evening of opening day. I went out that morning but it was so hot the deer were only moving before light and after dark. So, I decided that evening I was going to wait a couple days for the cool front to come in. Well, that evening around 6:30pm, we had a bit of a storm rolling in so I thought what the heck, I'll go check it out and see if anything is moving. As soon as I hit the property line there was this big guy (never seen before) grazing with a couple does. I pulled off where he couldn't see the truck and stalked up to him. Ranged him at 38 yards and he saw me. Since he was looking straight at me and I knew he was going to take off, I drew back and took the only shot I had. Shot him in the middle of his neck. He ran 100 yards and dropped. My taxidermist unofficially scored him at 198. After the 60 days I'll have him officially scored. This is Sheridan Wyoming."

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