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"New Mexico Speedgoat Success"
Photo provided by: Matt Finegan

Matt Finegan (aka 12ring) shared in our New Mexico Forum the following..........

"A few NM goats down - Me and my hunting partner were lucky enough to draw antelope tags again. We have drawn 3 times in the last 6 years. We're 6-6 killing goats with archery gear but it took us 10 years to even draw our first tag.

We were getting our butts kicked for the first few days but my buddy connected on day 4 and I connected on day 5. Thanks to another member on this forum for the help. He is a buddy of mine and turned me onto some area to scout.

I took my son on his first big game hunt for the first two days. He loved it. We saw goats, tons of rabbits, coyotes, 2 Bobcats, a turtle and 3 monster rattle snakes. I let the snakes live but it made me nervous walking out of the blind at night knowing we could get zapped."

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