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"Scooby's 30-inch Utah Muley"
Photo provided by: Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is a proud dad, as his daughter, Taryn "Scooby" Thompson, downed a dandy buck on a CWMU in Utah.

Ryan wrote, "Utah CWMU. Not a well known one because it typically only carries 16-18 inch bucks and that is all we was after... At 15 years old, I just wanted her to get a nice little buck. A few days before the hunt started, we had heard rumors of this buck, but had not seen him. Between volleyball, school and her regular job, she had limited time to hunt. We went out opening afternoon and only seen 1 doe. She couldn't go again for a few more days and only for the morning. So we tried it. At first light we spotted 2 deer way off and both seemed to be buck. As we found them again after getting much closer I could not believe what I was seeing. It was him! 200 yards broadside. She took a good rest and connected first shot. With a follow up shot he was down. The land owner sent me this picture of the buck 2 weeks before she shot him. In 2 weeks he had lost summer coat and polished up his horns. He barely forks into a 3 on his left side, but is a main frame 2 with a kicker out the front making him a small 3 point."

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