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"Couple Fine Whitetails for Gabe"
Photo provided by: Gabe Ellerton

Gabe Ellerton, aka parnellie, had a good archery hunting season this year, taking a couple fine bucks.

Gabe writes, "My season started September 26th. My second day out I connected with a very unique unicorn buck (top photo). I watched him bed down around 200 yards away, so I snuck up on him and got to 20 yards. When he stood up, I let him have it. I had no idea he had this extra tine in the middle of his head until I walked up on him. Needless to say, I was very exited to discover that.

2 days later I was back on my home turf after some more whitetail and connected on 2 does the same morning within 1 hour of each other walking the same trail it was a very cool experience.

On October 29th I had a doe in heat come by my stand at 45 yards. She had 3 bucks following her, one of them was this big 5x5 (lower photo) who stood at the same spot the doe urinated at 45 yards broadside. Not a good decision on his part. He is my biggest whitetail so far.

That wraps up my archery season...on to some rifle hunting."

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