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"Turkey Hunting Archery Success"
Photo provided by: Jared Bloomgren

Jared Bloomgren writes, "Here are my first three birds of the season. Calling or decoying a long beard into range has been quite difficult since the season opened in early April here in South Dakota. I was able to put an arrow through the first bird April 19th at 8 yards as he strutted for his ladies, making their way towards their roosting area 100 yards away. 11" beard. 28 pounds.

Double Trouble! The next two birds was a first for me happening the 21st of April. I set up near a known strutting zone and had numerous turkeys come up the ridge I was set up on after a short sequence of calling. All birds moved out of range and I didn't get a shot. A few lonely sounding hen calls from me had these two toms strutting right back to the blind. First bird was shot at 5 yards. He hobbled off and the second tom jumped on and began picking him apart just before my second arrow found its mark at 20.5 yards! First bird had three beards...... 9.5", 4 3/4", and 4.5"! Second bird had two beards.....10.5" and 7"!

Couple more tags to fill!"

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