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"Rod's New Mexico Ibex"
Photo provided by: Rod Yaksich

Rod Yaksich writes, "I beat the odds and drew a muzzleloader tag for these free ranging Ibex on public land. I did the hunt self guided with a friend of mine who was from Deming, NM which is where the Florida mountains are located. I spent many of hours at the gym and shooting range to prepare for this hunt. The day prior to opening morning, my friend and I found a large group of Ibex and watched them until it got dark. On opening morning, we made it to the cliff we had last seen the Ibex, two hours before the sun came up. We knew that the Ibex were still there because for 2 hours they barked at us and even attempted to roll rocks off the top of the cliffs. They could not see us, but were aware that something was below them. When the sun came up and it was legal shooting hours, this large Billy was staring directly down at us. My friend ranged him at 180 yards. I put the correct BDC circle on him and slowly squeezed. He dropped instantly, it took us over an hour to get to the fallen Ibex. He was 46" by 43" (3 inches broke on left side) with over 9" bases. After the 60 day drying period he officially SCI scored 107 5/8". This puts him at #5 worldwide with a muzzleloader. Awesome hunt that anyone can do with a little bit of luck in the draw and willing to do some extreme hunting."

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