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"Rob's First Idaho Black Bear"
Photo provided by: Rob

Rob writes, "I was elk hunting western Idaho in an area a friend of mine, Dan, and I had scouted about 3 weeks earlier. It was typical high country elk terrain, tall mountains and deep canyons, 2000' deep from the trail in some spots. I was alone and 2 miles out on a trail.
Knowing that harvesting an elk by myself and getting packed out from any further out would likely be more than I could probably handle, I decided to check one more clearing on the trail and then head back in if I didn't see any bulls. As I glassed the deep canyon below I didn't spot any elk and was seconds away from turning back to try a new area. Suddenly, 70 yards below me a motion caught my eye and this bruiser stepped out from a tree line. Surprised that the morning thermals hadn't carried my scent to him or that he didn't care, he began working some berry bushes oblivious to my presence. When I purchased my elk tag I also purchased a bear tag because Dan and I had seen so much fresh sign on this trail while we were scouting.
I'm sure the scene unfolded in a matter of seconds, but it seemed so slow motion each time I recall it. I drew up my .300 win/mag and dropped the bear in his tracks. MY FIRST BLACK BEAR!!! And he was a trohpy! Over 300lbs and chocolate brown. His hide squared out at 6' 1-1/4" and his skull measured dead on 19". It was as successful a hunt as any elk hunt has been or will be!"

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