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"Wyoming Wolf for Julius"
Photo provided by: Julius Vatalaro

Julius Vatalaro writes, "This year while elk hunting in the Grey's River area I had the opportunity to harvest a Gray Wolf. We had been elk hunting on and off for most of the season. One morning we headed out of camp very early. We came upon a bull and cow moose near the road. My hunting buddy wanted a picture of them. Larry got his cell phone out and commenced to take pictures of the moose. We started to drive away when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this black blurr running through the snow at about 50 yards from us. She was not wasting anytime sticking around. I bailed out of the truck, chambered a round into my .270. At about the time I got the crosshairs on this big black beauty she stopped and turned broadside looking back at us. Well the rest is history. That wolf was within a half mile of our camp and the second wolf taken in that vicinity this month. We were seeing wolf tracks every morning in the fresh snow. It looked as if they travel the roads at night in search of prey. Enjoy the pic's. I appologize this critter was frozen and wasn't very photogenic."

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