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"Jim's Traditional Archery Rocky Mountain Goat"
Photo provided by: Jim Eeckhout

Jim Eeckhout writes, "Here is the picture of the Mountain Goat I shot in Utah this past Sept. 10, 2012. I took this billy with a 30 yard shot with a 56# Predator Recurve bow and a GrizzlyStik arrow topped of with a 1964 Bear Razor. I had watched the billy for 2 days prior to the season opener and sort of knew his pattern of feeding and bedding. Opening morning found me within 500 yards of where I wanted to be waiting for daylight before I made my final stalk into the small bowl where I would see him bed in the morning. At first light, I snuck into the rock outcropping above where I had seen him the previous 2 mornings. So a few nanny's and kids and 2 smaller billy fed below me at anywhere from 15 to 80 yards, but know sign of the big billy from the previous days. As the group slowly fed around me, I heard rocks falling behind me and turned to see the big billy coming. He stopped 20 yards in front of me facing directly away with no chance of a shot unless he turned. Finally, a smaller billy ran up to the bigger billy and challenged him to a shoving match. They pushed each other around for a couple minutes and the big guy finally ran the smaller billy off. Upon doing this he stopped broadside at 30 yards. It was like shooting a whitetail from a treestand back home in Michigan. I watched the arrow streak through the air and catch the billy behind his left shoulder and bury to the fletching. As he turned and ran I could see the broadhead end of the arrow sticking out of the jugular on the opposite side. The billy only ran about 60 yards before going down on the edge of a drop off only to have the smaller billy run over and ram him from behind and send him over the edge and down a slide a couple hundred feet. I could not believe what had just happened. After gathering my wits and my gear I made my way down to my billy. He was truly a trophy of a lifetime. After the 60 day drying period I had him scored and it looks to be the new number 1 Mountain Goat taken with traditional archery gear."


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