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"Awesome Moose Hunting Adventure"
Photo provided by: mozey

Here's some real good stuff that forum member, mozey, recently shared.......

"Canada Moose in BC - It was an epic adventure. Dease Lake float plane to where our guides were waiting with horses to go another four hours into the bush. Lesson learned: next time I'll take some horse riding lessons before I try something like that again. It was a 10-day hunt, but I shot mine on day 4, then my buddy passed on his on day 5 before shooting it on day 7.

I saw three bigger bulls than mine, but was not able to make a play on the first. We were making a play on the second, but he left the country immediately after we dropped into the timber to go after him. But then this bull came to our cow calls that we were using to try to persuade the other bull to come back. This bull's body was so big relative to his antlers that when I first saw him, I didn't think he was a very good bull. My guide stated that he had a lot of points and really good brows for the area and that he would easily be 50" wide. After hearing that, I probably took all of three seconds to decide...

The first shot at 125 yards punched through both lungs and exited, and he didn't even act like he was hit. He took off at a run. You have to actually see it to believe it, but I'm amazed at how fast those things can run through a 5' to 6' tall sea of buck brush, whereas I can barely see over it and can hardly fight my way through it. I was fortunate to hit him once more before spining him on my last shot, which dropped him in his tracks at about 300 yards. Jubilation.

I saw bulls every day except day 1 (flight in) and day 10 (flight out). I also saw the northern lights for the first time in my life, which was really cool."

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