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"Big Bull Moose for Curtis"
Photo provided by: Curtis Jaussi

Curtis Jaussi (aka Onelegwonder) shared with us all in the forum the following.......

"We spotted him at first light from about 2 miles away. As the sun came up we realized we needed a closer look. We found a little road that closed the distance to about 400 yards and busted out the glass and it didn't take long to make the decision.

I know that score wise he's not much to shake a stick at but I loved his palms and his fronts. And he has an amazing coat with a super cool grey/light brown streak going down his back like a grizzly bear. It was also super awesome to share this time with my brother-in-law on this experience.

And I've got to give a big thanks to all my buddies that came and helped and the others that volunteered to cut him up and load him up. Considering that both guys out there were disabled we really needed the help. As soon as I pulled the trigger we sent out a text and had 7 guys show up and about 5 others that were willing and ready to drop what they were doing to help. Love having good friends."

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