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"Pronghorn Buck and Bull Elk for Dillon"
Photo provided by: Dillon Hoyt regular, Dillon Hoyt (aka dillon) has sure had a great year of hunting and scored on some fine trophies.

He posted in his Hunt Adventure Challenge thread.............

"On the second day of the season, my six-year-old daughter and I went hunting together after work and I connected on this great buck from about 50 yards. We originally saw this buck about a minute after we left the car to go hiking and he went up and over the hill, so we circled around and he came right to us. Bang!

This unit was my second choice and is almost 90% private land, so I am thrilled that we found such a good buck and were able to bring him home.

My daughter must be lucky because she has been with me when I shot both antelope that I have ever harvested. Plus, we had a lot of fun making memories together."

Dillon also took his bull just a few days ago.

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