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"Steve's Sweet Wyoming Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Steve Gili

Steve Gili (aka mulecreek) shared in the forum the following about his Wyoming general season archery adventure........

"2017 Wyo gen area archery bull - I was fortunate enough to take my first archery bull on Sunday morning.

I don't archery hunt that much, usually a couple of days each year. I did not expect to see anything given it was so hot. I was looking for a buck I had been seeing this summer when this guy made an appearance amongst a herd of cattle. This bull was low. He was on a small chunk of State land that borders NF. I spotted him across the valley at about 7:00am working his way West. I skirted a patch of aspens until they ended. He was about 600 yds out. About where the tip of his left side 4th point is in the above pic. I cow called and he must have been lonely because came in at a full trot. Gave me time to range a few bushes. He cleared a tree I was behind at 30 yds. When I got to full draw I noticed my arrow had fallen off the rest due to me shaking like a dog passing peach pits. I let down and re-drew, he only jumped a couple of steps and stopped broadside. Clean pass through and he went about 50 feet before tipping over. He is not the biggest bull I have taken from this area but it is safe to say I am happy with my first archery bull.

Wyoming Gen elk area are the best thing around. We residents need to give a huge thank you to the G&F for their efforts to get these herds and hunt area to the levels they are. You wont find a better OTC tag for elk anywhere, period! Each year I hold my gen tag for at least a 6 point bull and my RP cow tag for extra meat. I have never had a year where the cow tag goes unfilled and it is a rare year where both tags don't get used.

Best part is my wife ended up hauling quarters while I broke him down. She had 3 trips done before I started my first. I did seem to cut slower than normal."

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