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"Sweet Colorado Bull Success"
Photo provided by: Chad Henn

Chad Henn writes, "Here is my 2017 OTC DIY public land Colorado archery elk. I can title this entire post as persistence! First went on this hunt in 2010 with a old timer to get my first experience under my belt. That first night hearing a bull bugle within 200 yds of our tents had me hooked. That combined with my missing a 6x6 that first year had me form an obsession with these majestic creatures. Every other year Ive been heading out there to fill my tag until this year when I decided life is too short to miss a year and I decided Id head back out there again with my cousin to try and fill our tags. Being as I'm the only one out of 4 of us that have been out to this spot and haven't filled a tag yet, had me eager to get back after them again and hopefully make it "MY" year. Well after another trip out and our 6.5 miles hiked in with our 60# packs full of almost a weeks worth of food combined daily elevation gains of nearly 1000 ft, I was able to connect on this screaming bull on day 3! I was beyond ecstatic! I happened to catch it all on a new video camera that I had just purchased as well by shear luck. Also with the jabs from buddies back in WI that kept asking when I was going to give up on trying to kill an elk after every failed trip that I came back from, I decided I would never give up this specific hunt until I connected on a bull of my own. After keeping mind made up to pass cows all these years and the 1 missed 6x6 that first year, trip #5 paid dividends. Persistence paid off!"

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