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"30" Idaho Buck Down"
Photo provided by: Tav Hiaring

Tav Hiaring (aka Antelopequest270) shared the following in the forum...........

"30" Idaho Buck Down.... - It was another good year this year on deer here in Idaho. I always get two tags - my resident general tag, and a non resident tag so I can hunt 2 deer. I always try to find a decent first buck and trophy hunt the second. This year it worked out to a tee. The first buck is a 20" 3x4 - nothing special, just a decent buck. Found him in a drainage about 3 miles from the trail head. 1 140 accubond from my 280 ackley put him down. I had seen approx 10 bucks (all 2 and 3 points)

My second buck ended up being a toad. I hunted hard and passed up 8-10 deer very similar to my first one. I finally found this big guy just a few hundred yards away from were I killed my first buck as he was bedded in some cliffs - very steep country. Buck fever got me and I missed the first shot in his bed, but connected on the second and put him down. He is the biggest deer I have shot to date. He is exactly 30" wide and grosses 181. I'm just a little bit excited over this

I have noticed a lot of people complaining about the deer herds in Idaho this year and I am sure they are down a bit, but if you get away from the roads and hunt - the deer are there. In a total of 8 days hunting I saw hundreds of does and probably a total of 30 bucks. Most young 2 points and 3 points - however I did take the two largest deer I saw. Also, both these were OTC, DIY, Salmon-Challis National Forest Land hunts which is big, rugged, steep backcountry."

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