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"Ivan's 30-inch Wide Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Ivan Kyles

Ivan Kyles (aka amadorhunter) shared in the forum the following..........

"Early Area 6 Buck - Hunted the last week of early 6 to connect with this my buck in 067. Spotted him at 7:05 AM at 1,497 yards across a big open canyon. He was perched on a big open mountain top with mostly grass and a few patches of bush. After waiting him out until 9am to bed down, the stalk began. We had to go around three mountains to get within 130 yards above him. Once we closed the distance we found him in his bed still, he had moved slightly but thankfully after loosing sight of him for close to 2-1/2 hours he was still there. Waited 45 minutes for him to stand up, finally I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to take the shot at him in his bed. One shot from my 300 WSM and it was over.

Couldn't be happier. He's 30" at his widest point, did not score him. Hoping he makes 175", I will know once he gets finished up by the taxidermist.

The warm and dry conditions made things a bit tough, but we were able to locate a few quality bucks."

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