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"Tim's Southeastern Oregon Muley"
Photo provided by: Tim Marcy

Here's a big buck that Tim Marcy took in southeastern Oregon.

Tim writes, "It was the second to last day of the rifle season (October 10) and most all the hunters had gone home. At 7:30 am my oldest son spotted this buck 1.1 miles away.
He and I made the approach while my other son and grandson kept watching with the spotting scope.
The buck disappeared into a rock bluff so we circled in above with the wind in our favor.
Closed in and waited. At 4:00 pm he got up to eat and stretch. I sealed the deal with a neck shot at 50 yards and my 30-06.
Well worth the day long wait. 27" spread and 5-3/8 diameter at the bases (H1ís). Thanks to my boys for the help and wait."

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