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"Once-in-a-Lifetime Monster Muley"
Photo provided by: Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott writes, "Finally after a 10 year wait I drew out for my Book Cliffs tag. We had spent some time scouting the area but never seen anything extremely impressive. I just hoped for a nice 24 inch 4x4. My husband and I made a plan that we wouldn't get in any hurry and would make sure we knew what we were shooting at before taking the shot, knowing that the Books had some crazy genes. The day before the hunt we saw a group of 5 bucks but they were at some distance and running so we never got a really good look at them but decided we would spend opening morning in that area.
Around 9 in the morning opening day we spotted some deer. I took position to shoot just in case. Before I could get my binoculars up my husband said, "Shoot the back one, he has extras." I didn't have time to look myself but trusted my husband knew what he was looking at. So I found the last buck, saw horns and shot. That is when I really freaked out because I could not see the horns enough to know what I just shot. I had no idea I had shot a Book Cliffs legend. When I approached the deer I thought I was going to die, I just shot a 9x9 34 inch buck at 109 yards. I thought if this was a dream I didn't want to wake up anytime soon.
I didn't think my hunt could get any crazier until we had the buck all loaded up on the 4 wheeler and we were trying to get back to camp. I expected to get stopped but I didn't expect people were going to stop me to get my picture and shake my hand. Multiple people told us the same story about this buck and showed us pictures of him over the last few years. They all called him "The Salt Shack Buck." He was a famous buck that anyone who knew anything about the Book Cliffs had been following for the last 6 years. Even famous outfitters have been out chasing this deer. Also he was even well known on the Colorado side of the border on unit 21. And a female and her husband who is in a wheelchair got this once-in-a-life-time buck with no extra help at all."

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