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"411-inch Arizona Monster Bull"
Photo provided by: Libor Chavez

Libor Chavez writes, "I shot him on Sept. 21, 2017 on a DIY hunt in northern Az. I'm a resident of N. Az. Was on him and two other bulls that were pushing some cows for 5 days. The wind kicked up on the third day of the hunt which made things difficult to get on them during the 5 days. Never had a good look at any of the three, other than flashs of antlers above the cedar and pinon trees. I knew all three were big just didn't know exactly how big. They would come in to our calls, but would hang up within a 100 to 150 yards. Either the wind would screw us up or they just wouldn't commit. They wouldn't cross draws, canyons or over knolls. At times he would walk away and we would cut the distance and bring him back into that 150 to 100 yard range. He was smart. Would even change the tone of his bugle at times. Finally on the 5th morning my hunting partner and I decided to just locate him, shut up and sneak into within a hundred yards of the three's lil party. Seemed like he could recognize our tone and calls by that point. As luck would have it, we made the right choice. Got within 50 yards and double lunged him. He ran about 300 yards before piling up. Took about 2 hours to find him. I knew he was big when I shot, but when I walked up on him without any ground shrinkage I was in disbelief with the size of this monarch."

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